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New Year… Fresh Start 😊

New Year… Fresh Start 😊

New Year… Fresh Start 😊

So, after setting New Year intentions I thought about the best way to make space in my life for what matters, plus welcome in all the new and exciting things to come in 2016!  So I set about my Fresh Start.

My favourite way of doing this is by having a good declutter. To me this is great therapy. I don’t know about you but I seem to be clearer in my head when my environment is too!

It can be a very daunting and once in the middle of it all and think why on earth but push on. I love gathering things for friends, charity and Adam’s clothes are passed on to another little boy.

I put on my favourite music and begin by choosing one room at a time. Sometimes even saying to myself ‘I’m just gonna give it an hour’.  Taking a gradual approach I find, isn’t so over whelming.  Now my little Bliss office looks like My-Inspiration-Journal-Fresh-Start-My-Bliss-Officea much more peaceful place to work.  I have a sofa in it as you can see 😊 given to me by a lovely friend.  I really don’t feel comfortable at a desk so this is my way around it 😊 It feels great and I feel more efficient already!

It’s good to get everyone in the house involved.  Have a clear out together, encourage eachother to donate items you don’t use or need and then plan a nice treat for you all as a reward for all the effort.  You could even hide a little note with what you love about them. Which they will hopefully find! 😊

As Adam is 9 years old he needed a hand to get going. He is a massive teddy fan and feels attached to everyone of them. Helping him decide which ones go to a new home via the local charity shop wasn’t easy. So we decided that he would chose a new one once we had dropped these in. It warmed my heart seeing him hug each one and decide who was coming home with us 💜

It has taken a while but it feels great to know that others will benefit from the things I no longer need. Plus my mind feels so much clearer 😊

So, I begin this New Year with a clearer house, office and head. It feels wonderful to have space for the new to come in 😊

I would love to hear your ideas on just how you begin the year? I’m sure many of you have tips you could share with us. Please do 😊

Again, thankyou so much for reading. I hope this blog gives you a little inspiration to begin the New Year with a fresh start and make space for what matters 😊

Keep sparkling and Shine brightly everyone 🌟
Much love,
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