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New Year… Fresh Start 😊

New Year… Fresh Start 😊

New Year… Fresh Start 😊

So, after setting New Year intentions I thought about the best way to make space in my life for what matters, plus welcome in all the new and exciting things to come in 2016!  So I set about my Fresh Start.

My favourite way of doing this is by having a good declutter. To me this is great therapy. I don’t know about you but I seem to be clearer in my head when my environment is too!

It can be a very daunting and once in the middle of it all and think why on earth but push on. I love gathering things for friends, charity and Adam’s clothes are passed on to another little boy.

I put on my favourite music and begin by choosing one room at a time. Sometimes even saying to myself ‘I’m just gonna give it an hour’.  Taking a gradual approach I find, isn’t so over whelming.  Now my little Bliss office looks like My-Inspiration-Journal-Fresh-Start-My-Bliss-Officea much more peaceful place to work.  I have a sofa in it as you can see 😊 given to me by a lovely friend.  I really don’t feel comfortable at a desk so this is my way around it 😊 It feels great and I feel more efficient already!

It’s good to get everyone in the house involved.  Have a clear out together, encourage eachother to donate items you don’t use or need and then plan a nice treat for you all as a reward for all the effort.  You could even hide a little note with what you love about them. Which they will hopefully find! 😊

As Adam is 9 years old he needed a hand to get going. He is a massive teddy fan and feels attached to everyone of them. Helping him decide which ones go to a new home via the local charity shop wasn’t easy. So we decided that he would chose a new one once we had dropped these in. It warmed my heart seeing him hug each one and decide who was coming home with us 💜

It has taken a while but it feels great to know that others will benefit from the things I no longer need. Plus my mind feels so much clearer 😊

So, I begin this New Year with a clearer house, office and head. It feels wonderful to have space for the new to come in 😊

I would love to hear your ideas on just how you begin the year? I’m sure many of you have tips you could share with us. Please do 😊

Again, thankyou so much for reading. I hope this blog gives you a little inspiration to begin the New Year with a fresh start and make space for what matters 😊

Keep sparkling and Shine brightly everyone 🌟
Much love,
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1st Blog of December the month of Giving

1st Blog of December the month of Giving

1st Blog of December the month of Giving 🎄

When you give you also receive ❤

Giving-My-Inspiration-Journal-Giving-450I’m sure many of you have seen a version of this list. I love it and decided to add a few of my own 😊

Being present can be a tough one during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Particularly if you are a sensitive soul like me! Take time to centre yourself and bring your thoughts to the present moment. This can help alleviate some of the stress. Go easy on yourself, buy mindfully and if possible locally. With the intention of leaving a smile on someone’s face.

Hugs ❤ have a magical healing energy around them. Give them with extra special sparkle and feel how it boosts happiness levels in you both! We begin and end each Bliss meeting with one 😊 Now here is my challenge, it has to be a good one which lasts at least 20 seconds ❤

Set the intention of sending out as much love as possible. Even when faced with a challenging situation. Say someone takes that car space you were waiting for. Send love to them anyway, they may really need it!

If we all donate a little something we can make a difference in someone’s life. Also a good clear out makes space for the new to come in. Donate pre loved items to charity, leave a gift in the supermarket donation trolley, visit and donate at the local animal shelter. The choice is yours.

Make peace carries so many meanings. Set a peaceful intention for the world and for you personally. Is there a certain someone who could do with an olive branch or a hug ❤

I love this one. Be the light 🌟 When you are shinning, you attract others to shine. How awesome is that? One candle can light thousands!

The world needs so many more people to spread sparkle wherever they go. Even the smallest act of spreading sparkle can change someone’s day. Smile at a stranger. Hold doors open. Help someone struggling with lots of bags. Ask an elderly neighbour do they need anything? When you wake in the morning, think of special ways to spread your sparkle and feel free to share with us 😊

Well these are just a few ideas from me. Giving and receiving are two of the most precious activities we can carry out and when you do so with the intention of love you shine brightly 🌟

Thank you for reading ❤

Sparkly hugs to you all!

Much love,
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My Gratitude List – Gratitude Week 4

My Gratitude List – Gratitude Week 4

My Gratitude List – Gratitude Week 4

So i thought i would end the month of November with a gratitude list, of sorts!

So many special moments to be grateful for, so many special people sprinkling their sparkle and inspiring others to be the best they can be 😊

With everything going on in the world, we have so much to be thankful for and as we begin the festive season it’s always good to take stock and count your blessings.

Everyday, give thanks for all your little  treasures and you will be sure to find more!

I myself know that life can be challenging but a positive attitude can help make things easier. It’s important that you go easy on yourself, don’t give up and follow your heart 💜

This time of year can be stressful for some, I will include myself in this. By setting the intention of focusing on the good helps you prioritise the things that are important to you. Take each day as it comes, prioritise your tasks and try to avoid overwhelming yourself by achieving a few small steps each day and let the rest go. Tomorrow is a new day.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to our Bliss Team.  Some changes have occurred and to those who have helped us launch and find our little place in the world I am very grateful.  It’s like the saying “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”.  Julie Ann, Ruan and I wish Guy and Laura all the very best, without them we would not be here today.  Such talented individuals with big hearts and we wish them much success in the future 🌟

When I look back to this time last year, when all I had was a dream and the journal on rough pieces of paper.. it’s amazing just how far this journey has taken me. When you trust and have faith in your dreams they can happen 😊

My-Inspiration-Journal-Gratitude-4-MIJI have met the most wonderful people along the way. Inspiring me to ‘Reach for the Stars’ 🌟

To you, our Bliss Buds, I would like to say a huge thank you. I don’t think I have ever had so many hugs, well wishes and smiles. My heart swells when I see and hear all the beautiful comments on the journal. I have made so many new friends who sparkle so brightly ⭐

So I end the month with gratitude. Thank you for shinning your unique light, the world needs you. Just be yourself.   I took some time today to use My Inspiration Journal to express my gratitude for some of the things in my life for which I am truly grateful and thought I’d share it with you.

I was reminded that people should play to their strengths.  I try my best to and ‘My Inspiration Journal ‘ 💜 can help you to find yours. When you look within you will discover all sorts of hidden magic that brings out your own unique sparkle 🌟   To find out more please visit our website

I would also like to thank my friend Tim Feherty for the beautiful image we used as the feature image of this post.  The shot was taken on Ballyholme Beach in County Down.  Other examples of Tim’s work can be see HERE

‘Follow your Bliss and Sparkle’ 💜

Shine brightly everyone 🌟
Much love,
Claire Xx

From Little Acorns, The Mighty Oak Grows… Gratitude

From Little Acorns, The Mighty Oak Grows… Gratitude

From Little Acorns, The Mighty Oak Grows…

I was reminded today that from little acorns, the mighty oak grows 🌳Thank you to my dear friend Gillian ❤ We at Bliss are just beginning our journey as a little acorn, planted firmly in the ground and gently blossoming, and showered with continued support and help by our fans, our Bliss Buds.

The Power of Gratitude

We have decided to set a theme for each month, with November being a month for gratitude. Our posts and blogs shall be filled with the magic and power of gratitude 🌟
Firstly, I would like to say how grateful I am to our lovely customers who believe in us and after embarking on their own journey with ‘My Inspiration Journal’, where they’ve decided to purchase more for friends and family. This is truly touching and a magical reminder of the gentle power in that our journal holds. 💜 To inspire others is exceptionally wonderful. For this to cause a ripple effect within close circles is just magnificent. You just never know how far the journal will travel. Our first month has seen a few sent to far away lands.
Gratitude should also be given to the special team that made this happen and our friends and family who cheered us on. With their help and yours, we are ‘Reaching for the Stars’ 🌟
In the coming weeks we shall share in our blogs about just how an attitude of gratitude is one of our core values in ‘My Inspiration Journal’ We will soon reveal our Bliss Jar, in which young and old can have a ball… Encouraging each other to get creative and inspire one another by drawing, sticking and capturing moments we are all thankful for. We would love for you to share with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page of what you are thankful for. We look forward to joining in! 😊

My Gratitude for You

Here’s my cue to start the ball rolling… I am so grateful for those who have shared with me how they use the journal on their journey. All ages have begun to share their hopes and dreams. With our youngest being 4 (with mums help) and oldest 92! Each is very different but have the common theme of looking within to reveal your own inner magic 🌟 which is exactly how it was designed.
So please follow Bliss Inspired on Social Media and of course, keep an eye out for our weekly blog. We thoroughly enjoy giving our followers little tips on how to add extra sparkle to your day, whilst motivating and guiding you with your inspirational journal. Our wish is to inspire and connect with each and every one of you.
Many thanks 💜
Shine brightly,
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P.s This photo was taken in Castlewellan, County Down, Northern Ireland. Connecting with nature is just magical 🍂


5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

The 5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

Start shining with ‘My Inspiration Journal’ – A unique labour of love that I, and the rest of Team Bliss poured our heart, soul and talents into launching just 3 weeks ago.

So, today we’d like to give you a special insight in to what you can expect from our inspirational journal…


‘My Inspiration Journal’ comes from the heart.  It is a unique labour of love, which aims to spark inspiration, motivation and positivity from within. With 200 pages, it’s an open and un-ended story for you to create, or to be created and shared with a special person.


My Inspiration Journal is a guided journal for all ages.  A perfect anecdote for parents and their children to discover magic within and reconnect.  Similarly, you as an individual can relish in the magic within ‘My Inspiration Journal’ and it as a way reconnect with their inner voice to encourage positive energy and inspiration.


Team Bliss want to make the world a brighter place, full of magic, positivity and motivation.


You can purchase ‘My Inspiration Journal’ by clicking HERE!

Alternatively, you can find our journal stocked at the following :
Innovation Gifts, Bangor, County Down.


The sooner, the better! Christmas is only around the corner after all :)

Let us leave you on a final note about our Bliss Bird:

Throughout ‘My Inspiration Journal’ you’ll spot our Bliss Bird, perched on the shining star.  This is a reminder to you that the journal is a fun way to connect with your child as well as yourself.  You’ll soon discover more about their perceptions of the world.  Adam and I now share our journal.  I love winding down with him before bed and filling a page with positive news from our day.

It’s a magical way of connecting, checking in and inspiring each other.  Sometimes we flick through and add to the special Bliss Projects, such as our good deeds on that day and date them ?

Shine brightly with ‘My Inspiration Journal’ and enjoy the journey!

My Inspiration Journal - Claires story signature-j

Inspire in 3 Easy Steps

Inspire in 3 Easy Steps

Inspire in 3 Easy Steps

Find your inner voice with ‘My Inspiration Journal’ and release those giggles… You know you want to!

Today, we would to encourage you to explore the importance of laughing and getting back to a child’s level.

Notice the two adults, back to back, while their inner child reaches out for each other. Inspiring the art of simplicity and truth. It is so important to remember the parts of us that wish to connect in the purest of ways.

Let your inner voice speak in ‘My Inspiration Journal’.   To motivate you and get you started, here’s our guide to help you promote positivity in just 3 easy steps:

1.     Start each day with a grateful heart. Show gratitude to those involved in your day

2.     Draw the positives out of your day and note them down

3.     You have amazing potential. Reach for that potential and create a better you, and inspire others to create their own positive journey with ‘My Inspiration Journal.’

‘My Inspiration Journal’ is also a great way to connect with your child. Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers know only too well how they’re distracted by life’s stresses. We easily lose the clarity of life’s little treasures. My Inspiration Journal’ can help you connect with your child, promote positivity and help guide you to view the world through their eyes – that ladies and gentlemen is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Happiness lies beneath us. We just need to discover it from time to time.

My Inspiration Journal Launch

My Inspiration Journal Launch

Hi everyone.

We are Team Bliss.  We’ve been working behind the scenes now for quite a while, collaborating creative and inspirational thoughts and ideas to bring ‘My Inspiration Journal’ to life.  Our launch day has arrived and what a magical rollercoaster of a journey it has been!  So, without further ado, it’s time to launch ‘My Inspiration Journal’ in to the universe.  ‘My Inspiration Journal’ is now available to purchase for only £14.99 (excluding P&P.)

My Inspiration Journal

‘If I am to encourage you to Reach for the Stars then I must do the same’ is my often quoted motto, but the journey getting to this point hasn’t been easy. There have been high and lows, tears and laughter, hard work and dedication (and we’ll add in a few sleepless nights for good measure).  BUT here we are, ONE year later since Julie-Ann and I were introduced by a mutual friend, another inspiring being.  Our creative minds connected immediately and so, we inspired each other to bring ‘My Inspiration Journal’ to life by going back to basics – a few pens and bucket loads of paper.

Team Bliss

The most talented individuals who work from the heart have joined in along the way, now known as Team Bliss; Guy our very special business consultant, Ruan our fabulous IT Guru, lovely Laura who will be managing our social media and blog posts, Julie-Ann our magical graphic designer and me (Claire – Creator of ‘My Inspiration Journal.’)
I would like to express my gratitude for so many kind words of encouragement that have kept me going. It has taken time but I discovered that when you follow your heart the universe sends encouragement and people to help make your dreams come true.

Bliss Inspired

We are all very excited about what the future holds for us all and would like to invite you to join us on our new adventure. Please feel free to connect with us on our ‘Bliss Inspired’ community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Look out for our weekly blog posts that will talk focus on a range of topics, including getting the most out of ‘My Inspiration Journal’, plus frequent positive, inspiring and uplifting words to guide you through your journey.

Thank you folks.
Shine Brightly,

Claire & Team Bliss Xx