5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

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5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

The 5 W’s of My Inspiration Journal

Start shining with ‘My Inspiration Journal’ – A unique labour of love that I, and the rest of Team Bliss poured our heart, soul and talents into launching just 3 weeks ago.

So, today we’d like to give you a special insight in to what you can expect from our inspirational journal…


‘My Inspiration Journal’ comes from the heart.  It is a unique labour of love, which aims to spark inspiration, motivation and positivity from within. With 200 pages, it’s an open and un-ended story for you to create, or to be created and shared with a special person.


My Inspiration Journal is a guided journal for all ages.  A perfect anecdote for parents and their children to discover magic within and reconnect.  Similarly, you as an individual can relish in the magic within ‘My Inspiration Journal’ and it as a way reconnect with their inner voice to encourage positive energy and inspiration.


Team Bliss want to make the world a brighter place, full of magic, positivity and motivation.


You can purchase ‘My Inspiration Journal’ by clicking HERE!

Alternatively, you can find our journal stocked at the following :
Innovation Gifts, Bangor, County Down.


The sooner, the better! Christmas is only around the corner after all :)

Let us leave you on a final note about our Bliss Bird:

Throughout ‘My Inspiration Journal’ you’ll spot our Bliss Bird, perched on the shining star.  This is a reminder to you that the journal is a fun way to connect with your child as well as yourself.  You’ll soon discover more about their perceptions of the world.  Adam and I now share our journal.  I love winding down with him before bed and filling a page with positive news from our day.

It’s a magical way of connecting, checking in and inspiring each other.  Sometimes we flick through and add to the special Bliss Projects, such as our good deeds on that day and date them ?

Shine brightly with ‘My Inspiration Journal’ and enjoy the journey!

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