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1st Blog of December the month of Giving

1st Blog of December the month of Giving

1st Blog of December the month of Giving 🎄

When you give you also receive ❤

Giving-My-Inspiration-Journal-Giving-450I’m sure many of you have seen a version of this list. I love it and decided to add a few of my own 😊

Being present can be a tough one during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Particularly if you are a sensitive soul like me! Take time to centre yourself and bring your thoughts to the present moment. This can help alleviate some of the stress. Go easy on yourself, buy mindfully and if possible locally. With the intention of leaving a smile on someone’s face.

Hugs ❤ have a magical healing energy around them. Give them with extra special sparkle and feel how it boosts happiness levels in you both! We begin and end each Bliss meeting with one 😊 Now here is my challenge, it has to be a good one which lasts at least 20 seconds ❤

Set the intention of sending out as much love as possible. Even when faced with a challenging situation. Say someone takes that car space you were waiting for. Send love to them anyway, they may really need it!

If we all donate a little something we can make a difference in someone’s life. Also a good clear out makes space for the new to come in. Donate pre loved items to charity, leave a gift in the supermarket donation trolley, visit and donate at the local animal shelter. The choice is yours.

Make peace carries so many meanings. Set a peaceful intention for the world and for you personally. Is there a certain someone who could do with an olive branch or a hug ❤

I love this one. Be the light 🌟 When you are shinning, you attract others to shine. How awesome is that? One candle can light thousands!

The world needs so many more people to spread sparkle wherever they go. Even the smallest act of spreading sparkle can change someone’s day. Smile at a stranger. Hold doors open. Help someone struggling with lots of bags. Ask an elderly neighbour do they need anything? When you wake in the morning, think of special ways to spread your sparkle and feel free to share with us 😊

Well these are just a few ideas from me. Giving and receiving are two of the most precious activities we can carry out and when you do so with the intention of love you shine brightly 🌟

Thank you for reading ❤

Sparkly hugs to you all!

Much love,
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